The Me Room Update #1

Me Room update title

I had hoped to have The Me Room complete by July 4th, but I think that was the over-achiever in me rearing its ugly head. 🙂  Here we are mid to late July and it really is not finished.  In my defense, June and July have been stellar months with awesome family fun including bridal showers, redecorating Big K’s master bedroom, Favorite First Born getting married and so much more!

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No. I’m Not OK | Living With Depression


No, I’m not OK.  It’s really an ongoing issue that is just getting the better of me.  Usually, it’s worse in the winter.  Worse when I’m really tired.  Worse when I’m especially stressed.  Worse when…  But this is summer.  The sun is high in the sky and has been out daily.  My pool is clean and welcoming.  My son is home from deployment.  My son and new daughter-in-law are happily married.  My husband is wonderful and working very hard to make me happy.  So what is the problem?

Because I’m really not OK.

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Today I Leave My First Love | An Open Letter from Boys to Moms

Today I leave my first love

She first held me, kissed me, showered me with grace, and introduced me to the world. She often refers to me, and her other 3 boys, as warriors, but that doesn’t truly represent what we are, at least now. To her, we’re actually heart breakers.

You see, for the last 27 years, she’s been grooming, protecting, and caring for her kids with a love that I can’t even begin to fathom. This nesting hasn’t been easy, or fun, or even pretty, but it’s always been real.

This post, just to forewarn you, is authentic, possibly sappy, but mostly heartfelt.

This is how I leave my first love; it’s an ode to my mother.

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